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Level 9 Lesson 5 / Advanced Situational Expression

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걱정 돼요.
I’m worried. / It worries me.
I am anxious. / I feel nervous.
걱정돼 죽겠어요.
I’m worried to death. / I’m so worried.
불안해 미치겠어요.
I’m so anxious [that] it’s driving me crazy.
~할까 봐 걱정이에요.
I am worried that ~ might happen. / I am worried that they might ~.
다칠까 봐 걱정이에요.
I'm worried that you might get hurt.
늦을까 봐 걱정이에요.
I'm worried that you might be late.
너무 어려울까 봐 걱정이에요.
I'm worried it might be too difficult.
~하면 어떡하죠?
What if ~ happens? / What if they ~?
경은 씨가 화내면 어떡하죠?
What if/ what should I do if 경은 is angry?
효진 씨가 늦으면 어떡하죠?
What happens if 효진 is late?
어떻게 하면 좋죠?
What should we do?
마음이 안 놓여요.
I don’t feel at ease. / I can’t stop worrying.
잘 해결됐으면 좋겠어요.
I hope the problem is solved [well].
That’s not good. / That’s a big problem.
이 상황에서 어떻게 걱정이 안 돼요?
How can you not worry in this situation?