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Level 9 Lesson 11 – Advanced Idiomatic Expressions

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heart, mind
마음을 먹다
to make up one’s mind
이번에는 정말로 운동을 매일 하기로 마음 먹었어요.
I have made up my mind to really exercise every day this time.
마음대로 하다
to do as one wants
저는 그 책 필요 없으니까 마음대로 하세요.
I don’t need that book so do whatever you want with it.
to go in
마음에 들다
to like, to find something likeable
마음에 드는 가방 있어요?
Is there a bag that you like?
to be stuck, to be hung
마음에 걸리다
to weigh upon one’s mind, to trouble one’s mind
어제 있었던 일이 마음에 걸려요.
I keep thinking about what happened yesterday because I feel bad about it.
to put something somewhere
마음에 두다
to have something/someone on one’s mind
효진 씨가 한 말은 너무 마음에 두지 마세요.
Don’t think about what Hyojin said. / Pay no attention to what Hyojin said.
to not exist, to not have
words, language, speech
마음에 없는 말을 하다
to say something without meaning it
마음에도 없는 말 하지 마세요.
Don’t say what you don’t even mean
to be like
마음은 굴뚝 같다
to wish one could something right now, to want to do something right but can not
도와주고 싶은 마음은 굴뚝 같지만, 오늘은 너무 바빠요.
I’d love to help you, but I am too busy today.
to put down, to let go
to be let go
마음이 놓이다
to feel relieved
그 말을 들으니까 마음이 놓이네요.
I feel relieved to hear that.
to go through, to flow through, to circulate
마음이 통하다
to understand each other well
마음이 통하는 친구들이랑 여행하면 너무 재미있어요.
Traveling with friends that you connect well with is a lot of fun.
to be heavy
마음이 무겁다
to have a heavy heart, to feel bad
저 때문에 경기에서 진 것 같아서 마음이 무겁습니다.
I feel bad because it looks like we lost the game because of me.