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Level 9 Lesson 12 – -아/어/여 보이다

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-아/어/여 보이다
how to say that something or someone “seems” to be in a certain state or “looks” a certain way **added to verb stem**
to be fun
재미있어 보이다
to look fun, to look interesting
재미있어 보여요.
It looks fun.
피곤해 보여요.
You look tired.
피곤해 보여요. 좀 쉬세요.
You look tired. Get some rest.
피곤해 보여요. 어제 못 잤어요?
You look tired. You didn't get much sleep last night?
이 영화는 재미없어 보여요.
This movie looks boring.
이 영화는 재미없는 것 같아요.
I think this movie is boring.
이거 매워 보이는데, 사실은 하나도 안 매워요.
This looks spicy, but it’s not spicy at all.
이거 매울 것 같았는데 사실은 하나도 안 매웠어요.
I thought it would be spicy but it wasn’t spicy at all.
이 케이크가 맛있어 보여서 샀는데, 너무 달아요.
This cake looked delicious so I bought it, but it’s too sweet.
사장님 기분이 안 좋아 보이는데, 무슨 일 있어요?
The boss doesn’t look happy. Is there anything wrong?
사장님 기분이 안 좋은 것 같은데, 무슨 일 있어요?
I think the boss is upset. Is there anything wrong?
학생처럼 보여요.
He looks like a student.
학생처럼 보였어요
He looked like a student.
학생 같아요.
He looks like a student (so I think he’s a student).
비둘기처럼 보이네요.
It looks like a pigeon.
멀어서 잘 안 보이지만, “3”처럼 보이네요.
I can’t see clearly because it’s far, but it looks like a “3”.
경찰처럼 보이는 사람이 그 여자를 데려갔어요.
Someone who looks like a cop took her.