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후회가 돼요.
I regret it.
후회가 막심해요.
I deeply regret it. (more exaggerated and formal)
어렸을 때 더 많이 놀지 않은 게 후회가 돼요.
I regret not having played enough when I was little.
그 이야기를 꺼낸 것 자체가 후회스러워요.
I regret the fact that I even brought that up.
말하지 말았어야 했어요.
I shouldn’t have told them.
이거 괜히 샀어요.
I shouldn’t have bought it. (괜히 = in vain, uselessly)
오지 말 걸 그랬어요.
I shouldn’t have come here.
좀 더 일찍 도착했더라면 좋았을 텐데요.
It would have been nice if we’d arrived a little earlier.
그냥 우리끼리 하는 게 나을 뻔 했어요.
It might have been better to just do it by ourselves.
그래서 후회 중이에요.
So I’m regretting it now.
원래 그럴 생각은 없었어요.
I didn’t intend to do it.
지금 와서 생각해 보면, 제가 그때 왜 그랬나 싶어요.
Looking back now, I wonder why I did that back then.