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verb ending used when you are describing what happened in relation to your discovery of a fact.
어제는 비가 오더니 오늘은 눈이 오네요.
It rained yesterday, but it’s snowing today.
효진 씨가 어제는 9시에 오더니, 오늘은 11시에 왔어요.
Hyojin came in at 9 o’clock yesterday, and she came in at 11 o’clock today
경화 씨가 어제는 요가를 하더니, 오늘은 테니스를 하네요.
Kyung-hwa did yoga yesterday, and today she’s playing tennis.
아침에는 춥더니 지금은 따뜻하네요.
It was cold in the morning, but now it’s warm.
제 컴퓨터가 느려지더니, 이제 안 켜져요.
My computer slowed down, and now it won’t even switch on.
두 사람이 커피숍 앞에서 만나더니 뭔가 물건을 교환했어요.
Those two met in front of a coffee shop, and then exchanged some things.
석진 씨가 밖에 나가더니 갑자기 고양이를 데리고 왔어요.
Seokjin went outside, and then suddenly, he brought back a cat.
책을 많이 읽었더니 눈이 피곤해요.
I read a lot, so my eyes are tired.
도너츠를 많이 먹었더니 배탈이 났어요.
I ate a lot of doughnuts, and now I have a stomachache.
아침에 날씨가 흐리더니 오후에는 눈이 왔어요.
The weather was overcast in the morning, and it ended up snowing in the afternoon.
석진 씨가 열심히 운동을 하더니 몸이 정말 좋아졌어요.
Seokjin exercised hard, and now he has a really well-built body.
경화 씨가 매일 글을 쓰더니 지난 달에 소설을 출간했어요.
Kyung-hwa wrote every day, and she published a novel last month.
무거운 짐을 들고 왔더니 허리가 아파요.
I carried some heavy luggage here, and because of that, my back hurts.
노래방에서 노래를 두 시간 동안 불렀더니 목소리가 안 나와요.
I sang for two hours in a singing room, and I can’t speak now.