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most basic way to say "only"
women only
men only
teachers only
only this (in this case it is more natural to use 이것 than 이거)
이것만 살 거예요.
I will only buy this.
me only, I only
저만 들었어요.
Only I heard.
only coffee
아침에는 커피만 마셔요.
I only drink coffee in the morning. (I don't drink anything else in the morning, only coffee)
아침에만 커피를 마셔요.
I only drink coffee in the morning. (I don't drink coffee at any other time except the morning)
듣기만 하다
to only listen
듣기만 했어요.
I only listened (and didn’t talk).
말 안 했어요. 듣기만 했어요.
I didn't speak. I only listened.
seeing, looking
보기만 하다
to only see, to just look
보기만 할 거예요.
I will only look (and not touch it, eat it. etc...)
오늘만 일찍 왔어요.
I came early only today.
맥주만 주문했어요.
I only ordered beer.
왜 이것만 샀어요?
Why did you only buy this?
어제 놀기만 했어요.
Yesterday I did nothing but played.
영화는 집에서만 봐요.
I only watch movies at home.
저는 영화는 영화관에서만 봐요.
I only watch movies at the movie theatre.
저한테만 한국어로 이야기하세요.
Only speak to ME in Korean.