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Level 2 Lesson 22 / to like / 좋다 vs 좋아하다

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to be good, to be likeable, to be enjoyable, to be preferable
to like something, to be fond of something, to enjoy doing something, actively like something
It's good/ I'm good/ I like it
한국어 좋아요.
I like the Korean language. / The Korean language is good.
한국어를 좋아해요.
I like Korean
한국어가 좋아요.
I like Korean / Korean is good/ preferable/ enjoyable
이거 좋아요.
I like this.
동방신기 좋아요.
I like DBSK (동방신기) / DBSK is good
to be unlikable, to be undesirable
to hate, to not like
영화 보는 거 싫어해요
I hate watching movies.
현우 씨를 싫어해요
I hate 현우.
to be pretty, to be cute
to consider someone pretty and treat them in such a manner
저는 강아지를 예뻐해요.
I treat puppies nicely, in a loving way (since I think they're so cute etc.)
to be sad
to feel sad and therefore express such emotions
저는 우유를 좋아해요.
I like milk.
소주 좋아요.
Soju is good/ prefereable/ I like soju.
맥주 좋아요.
Beer is good/ preferable/ I like beer.
우유 좋아요.
Milk is good/ preferable/ I like milk.
우유가 좋아요? 주스가 좋아요?
Do you like milk? Do you like juice?
뭐가 제일 좋아요?
What is your favourite? (with marker)
뭐를 제일 좋아해요?
What do you like best?
저 좋아해요?
Do you like me? Are you in love with me?
경은 씨는 비를 좋아해요.
경은 likes Rain.
여러분 TTMIK 좋아해요?
Everyone, do you like TTMIK?
TTMIK 좋아요?
Is TTMIK good? (likeable/ preferable/ enjoyable for you)
여러분 뭐 좋아해요?
Everyone, what do you like?
누구 좋아해요?
Who do you like?
뭐가 좋아요?
What is good/ something you are fond of? (with marker)