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to open
열면 안 돼요.
You are not supposed to open it.
열어도 돼요.
It’s okay to open it. / You can go ahead and open it.
to touch
만지면 안 돼요.
You shouldn’t touch it. / You can’t touch it.
만져도 돼요.
It’s okay to touch it. You can go ahead and touch it.
to throw
던지면 안 돼요.
You should not throw it.
던져도 돼요.
It’s okay to throw it.
to sell
팔면 안 돼요.
You should not sell it.
팔아도 돼요.
It's okay to sell it.
to tell, to talk
말하면 안 돼요.
You should not tell/talk.
말해도 돼요.
It’s okay to tell/talk