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Level 4 Lesson 14 / sometimes, often, always, neve

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친구들을 가끔 만나요
I meet my friends sometimes.
책 가끔 읽어요
I sometimes read a book.
가끔 쇼핑해요
Sometimes I go shopping.
정말 자주
really often
공부 자주 해요
I study often.
영화 자주 봐요
I often watch movies.
항상 하는 게 뭐예요?
What is something you always do?
항상 Talk To Me In Korean 들어요?
Do you always listen to Talk To Me In Korean?
항상 Talk To Me In Korean으로 공부하세요?
Do you always study through Talk To Me In Korean?
always, all the time
저 맨날 운동해요.
I always exercise (everyday)
거의 맨날
almost all the time
거의 맨날 운동해요.
I almost always exercise.
seldom, rarely
텔레비전 별로 안 봐요.
I rarely watch television.
저는 노래를 전혀 안 불러요
I don't sing at all.
저는 게임을 별로 안 해요.
I rarely play (do) games.
not at all
almost not at all
거짓말을 거의 안 해요.
I almost never lie.
가끔 서점에 가요.
I go to the bookstore sometimes.
한국 영화 자주 봐요.
I watch Korean movies often.
물어보고 싶어요.
I want to ask you/ him/ her/ them.
항상 물어보고 싶었어요.
I’ve always wanted to ask you
중국어를 맨날 공부하는데, 아직 어려워요.
I study Chinese all the time, but it’s still difficult.
요즘에는 운동을 별로 안 해요.
I rarely work out these days.
거의 못 하다
To hardly be able to do something (because of time)
시간이 없어서, 친구들을 거의 못 만나요.
I don’t have time, so I can hardly meet my friends.
친구들 자주 만나고 싶어요.
I often want to meet my friends.
여러분 코멘트 자주 남겨 주세요
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