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la famille
the family
le grand-père
the grandfather
la grand-mère
the grandmother
la mère
the mother
le père
the father, the dad
la tante
the aunt
the uncle
la soeur
the sister
le frère
the brother
C'est moi!
It's me!
la cousine
the cousin (female)
le cousin
the cousin (male)
le chien
the dog
le chat
the cat
les animaux domestiques
the pets
le mari
the husband
la femme
the wife
divorced (m)
divorced (f)
married (m)
married (f)
le fils
the son
la fille
the daughter
le beau-père
the stepfather
la belle-mère
the stepmother
Qui c'est, ça?
Who is that?
les parents
the parents
the child
les grands-parents
the grandparents
les petits-enfants
the grandchildren
le petit-fils
the grandson
la petite-fille
the granddaughter
le neveu
the nephew
la nièce
the niece
le demi-frère
the half brother
la demi-soeur
the half sister
Ça, c'est ...
This is ...
Ça, ce sont ...
These are ...
Tu as des frères et des soeurs?
Do you have brothers and sisters?
Tu as combien de soeurs?
How many sisters do you have?
Vous êtes combien dans ta famille?
How many people are there in your family?
Tu as un animal domestique?
Do you have a pet?
the bird
the lovebird
Je suis fils unique.
I'm an only child (boy).
Nous sommes quatre.
There are four of us.
Je n'ai pas de soeurs mais j'ai un frère.
I don't have any sisters but I have one brother.