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Family Diversity and the life course - Sociologist

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Benson (2006)
New Right - analysis of parents of 15,000 babies, within 3 years 3,000 had become lone parent families
Amato (2000)
New Right - children in lone parent families face a greater risk of poverty, educational failure
Oakley (1997)
Feminist - argues that the New Right wrongly assume that the husband/wife role is biological
Chester (1985)
Neo-conventional family - both spouses play the instrumental role and still sees the nuclear family as the dominant family type
Rapoports (1982)
5 types of family diversity - Organisational diversity, Cultural diversity, Social Class diversity, Life-Stage diversity and Generational diversity
Hareven (1978)
Life course analysis
Morgan (1996)
family practices to describe a sense of 'being a family member' that are routine actions - pointless trying to make large scale generalisations about the family
Cheal (1993)
no longer one single type of family, only families - individuals have the freedom to plot their own life course
Giddens (1992)
recent decades formed greater choice and allows for more equal relationships between men and women - due to contraception and feminism
Beck (1992)
now live in a 'risk society' where tradition has less influence and people have more of a choice and are more aware of the risks
Stacey (1998)
divorce extended family beween divorced women to help bring up children
Weeks (2000)
growing acceptance of diversity due to long term shift in attitudes since the 1950s, especially in the under 35s