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Families and Social Policy - Sociologists

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Wilson (1985)
China's one child policy - supervised by workplace family planning commities where women must seek permission to get pregnant
Fletcher (1966)
Functionalist - introduction of health, education and housing policies have led to a welfare state that supports the family
Murray (1984)
growth of welfare has led to the rise in lone parent families, due to it being a 'perverse incentive' and creates a 'dependency culture'
Land (1978)
social policies assume that the family is patriarchal
Leach (1967)
'cereal packet norm' within society
Leonard (1978)
even where policies support women, they reinforce patriarchal roles and act as a form of social control over women
Drew (1995)
concepts of 'gender regimes' to decribe how different socail policies either encourage or discourage gender equality
Donzelot (1977)
sees policy as a form of state power over the family using Foucault's concept of surveillance
Condry (2007)
states that the state may seek to control and regulate the family through imposing compulsory parenting orders through the courts