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Couples - Key Terms

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instrumental role
Husband's role according to Parsons, that the husband is the breadwinner and provides for the family financially
expressive role
role of the wife according to Parsons - geared towards the primary socialisation of children and meeting the family's emotional needs
segregated conjugal roles
where the couples have separate roles: male breadwinner and female homemaker - take leisure activities separately
joint conjugal roles
couples share tasks such as housework and childcare and spend their leisure time together
symmetrical family
Young and Willmott's theory that the family is on a trend towards equality in the household
geographical mobility
more couples living away from the communities in which they grew up in
emotion work
the work related to emotional support in the household
dual burden
a term mostly relating to women - that women do housework and the paid work
triple shift
women take on the housework, paid work and the emotion work