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Family Diversity - Key Terms

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nuclear family
parents and dependent children working together as a unit
extended family
three generations living under one roof
geographical mobility
more couples living away from the communities in which they grew up in
social mobility
individuals status is due to their work and people can move through the class system
primary socialisation of children
a function of the family according to functionalists - it's purpose was to equip chldren ith the basic skills needed for society
stabilisation of adult personality
a function of the family according to functionalists - family as a place for adults to relax and release tensions
a set of ideas of beliefs e.g. Marxist or Feminist
unit of consumption
a function of the family according to Marxists - capitalism exploits the workers to buy overpriced products they may not need
Sex Discrimination Act
outlaws descrimination in employment
reserve army of cheap labour
A Marxist Feminist idea that women are a reserve army for the workforce to be called upon when needed e.e. in WW1 or WW2
matrifocal family
.a family that is headed by a woman