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Snake Bite

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moving slowly pulling the body along the ground
shock; panic
hard outer covering of coconut, nuts, crabs, snails or tortoises
2000 species
There are about _________ of snakes in the world.
270 species
In India, there are about _______ of snakes of which only 70 are poisonous.
Requesting someone to do something for you
"Could you shut the door for me, please?", "Would you mind passing the paper, please?", "Can you suggest a movie that I could watch?"
past tense of catch;
Asking someone for permission to do something
"Can I use your computer, please?", "Could you lend me some money?", "Do you mind if I turn on the fan?"
grabbed or seized
1st part of the story "Snake Bite"
One day I saw a small snake in the compound. It was crawling along slowly but when it saw me, it moved away quickly and hid itself in a coconut shell. I quietly went near and closed the mouth of the coconut shell with a stone. Then I took the shell and ran to Grandmother.
past tense of throw
2nd part of the story "Snake Bite"
“ Look, Grandma,” I cried, “ I have caught a snake.” “ Snake?” asked Grandmother in alarm. She was shocked. She cried for help. Grandfather came running. When he learnt that I had a snake in the shell, he snatched the shell and threw it away. The snake crawled away and disappeared behind some bushes. Grandfather warned me never to go near a snake, because snakes were very dangerous.
out of sight; to be gone
3rd part of the story "Snake Bite"
Later in the evening, I tried to catch a bee and it stung me on my finger. I felt a sharp pain. I ran to grandmother and told her that I had been bitten and wanted her to do something to stop the pain. Grandmother thought that I had been bitten by a snake. She called out to Grandfather, “Come and see what has happened to Raja.” Grandfather came at once. He looked at my finger and there was a blue mark. Without a word he took me in his arms and started running. He ran across the garden and through the paddy fields. He ran and ran and did not stop until he reached a small house quite some distance away from our home. Then he shouted for the man who lived there.
attacked by a stinging animal like bee, scorpion or jellyfish
4th part of the story "Snake Bite"
An old grey haired man came out of the house. He knew the cure for snake bite. Grandfather asked him to cure me. The old man took me inside. He looked at my finger and then asked me to sit down and not to move. I sat on Grandfather’s lap. The old man then took some water in a small brass vessel, sat in front of us and started reciting some mantras. I wanted to tell him that it was a bee and not a snake that had bitten me. But Grandfather held me tight and did not allow me to talk. Grandmother too had arrived by then and some other people with her. They looked sad and silently watched me.
stain or impression left by something
quite some distance
5th part of the story "Snake Bite"
By this time the pain in my finger had stopped. But still I had to sit there and get cured of ‘snake bite.’ After a few minutes, the old man got up, washed my finger and gave me some water to drink. He asked me to keep quiet for some more time. Then he turned to Grandfather and said, “Thank God, you brought Raja in time. He is out of danger now. It was indeed a poisonous snake that bit him.” Grandfather, Grandmother and all others thanked the old man for the magic cure. On returning home, Grandfather sent him gifts.
Author of the story "Snake Bite" (part of the story collection "Life with Grandfather")
any type of container or boat
The bee stung Raja because he tried to catch it.
Why did the bee sting Raja?
Children learn to move like this before they can walk
a reptile
Rice fields are known as this.
simple, obedient, innocent and adventurous
adjectives to describe Raja
caring, simple, affectionate, superstitious, nervous, gullible and concerned
adjectives to describe Raja's Grandparents
Pretender and clever
adjectives to describe the Old Man
let and cut
two verbs that are the same in the present and past tense
Western Medicine, made of various chemicals
Traditional Medicine, made of herbals, fruits, flowers, roots, leaves, skins of trees and plants.
Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Unani