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How the squirrel got its stripes

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as referred to
to go to something or someone for information or anything required
a scientific method of reasoning
to attach importance to anything
the importance of self respect and appreciation
a stripe
a long, narrow band of a different colour, appearance, weave, material, or nature from the rest of a surface or thing
the body
the physical structure and material substance of an animal or plant, living or dead
a squirrel
a small bushy tailed creature with fur that lives in tress and eats nuts
the quality or state or something or someone
to take part in or share in something. eg: the children participated in the taekwondo competition
to give something. A contribution can be physical like money or books or non-physical like time or knowledge
to relate to
1. to understand someone or something 2. to show or make a connection between two or more things
easy to understand
to critically analyse
to form and opinion of something you have studied and discuss or write about it in a formal way
the process of forming an opinion
SYNONYMS FOR 'HOWEVER' ARE: nevertheless; yet; on the other hand; in spite of that
an adjective
a word that describes a noun. eg: He is a handsome man.
the order of something. ABCD or 1234
a statement in words, either written or spoken
began at once
something that started (past tense) in that moment. To begin (present tense) at once is to start something right now!
'work began at once on the stone bridge'
They started to build the stone bridge straight away.
to consist of
to contain
To cut something into shape
to form it how you want it
a long time
coastline or edge of the beach before the ocean
round rocks
to carry something
to lift something and move with it
'the squirrel came in his way'
the squirrel was in front of the monkey
'a voice like thunder'
very loud
'Oh dear!'
expression: oh no!
'my heart cries out'
to get in the way
to stop something happening
crying out
'fell into his hands'
he put his hands on his face in despair
Building a bridge was difficult work involving several steps: 1. pulling out ............ 2. ......................... the sea 3. ........................... shapes 4. building the bridge
1. pulling out the rocks and heavy stones from the mountains 2. carrying the rocks to the sea 3. cutting the rocks into shape 4. building the bridge
Monkey size:
great/ big/ large
Monkey voice:
loud like thunder
Monkey strength:
Monkey attitude:
mean/ unkind
Squirrel size:
small/ little/ puny
Squirrel voice:
small/ quiet
Squirrel strength:
Squirrel attitude:
The squirrel justified what he was doing because he was doing it out of love.
.1. How did the squirrel justify what he was doing?
The squirrel wanted to help in building the bridge because his heart cries out for Lord Rama and he wants to do all he can to help him.
2. Why did the squirrel want to help in building the bridge?
No, the work of the squirrel was not more important than the monkey's work because the squirrel was helping out of love.
3. Was the work of the squirrel less important than the monkey’s work? Give reasons for your answer.
An angry monkey threw the squirrel and he fell into the hands of Lord Rama.
4. How did the squirrel come into Rama’s hands?
Lord Rama gently ran his fingers over the squirrel’s back and put him down. The three white stripes that we see on the back of a squirrel are believed to be the marks of Lord Rama’s fingers..
5. How did the squirrel get his stripes?
when we describe a person, place or thing we use adjectives to talk about size, colour, age etc.
before eg: three white stripes.
Do numbers go before or after adjectives?
opinion, size, shape, age, colour, origin, material, noun.
When two or more than two adjectives are used before a noun, they are usually used in what order?
a comma
If there are more than two adjectives what do we put between them?
to possess sth is to own it. eg: I possess 3 pairs of trousers.
a riddle or conundrum
a puzzling question, problem or matter
easy to see, understand or recognise. eg: It's obvious that the sky is blue.
to thrive
to grow and develop successfully. eg: Fish need water to thrive.
differences in colour, sound, etc.. eg: The leaves are many tones of green.
to confuse
to make unclear
to bemuse
to confuse
a very strong feeling of happiness eg: you delight me.
light brown
to sail
a voyage or journey in a ship
a sail
a big piece of fabric used to catch the wind a move a boat
past tense of sail
the wonders of the world
sites or areas of great beauty. eg: Taj Mahal, Agra
a notice
a sign
to notice
to be aware
brand name
the company name. eg: Tata
a dial
a round plate or disk with markings to show the time of day
to dial
to make a phone call
a strap
a length of material used to hold something in place. eg: a watchstrap
a briefcase
a bag used by business people to carry documents
to put in or place inside
able to do
Bullying means intentionally hurting someone in physical, verbal, or psychological ways. It can range from hitting, pushing, name-calling, threats, and mocking, to taking money.
What is bullying?
on purpose / with intent
The effects of bullying can be serious and affect the victim’s sense of self-worth and future relationships.
What are the affects of bullying?
to assume
to form an idea without evidence. eg: We assume you've eaten because it's late at night.
not a long time ago
a district where people live
plural of this
a bully
If you are unkind to those smaller or weaker than you, you are a ______ ?
From the story we know that Lord Rama is compassion and kindness, gentleness, respect for all living beings big and small.
Which qualities of Lord Rama are highlighted in the story?
'The message in lesson 3 is that physical strength is not more important than love and that it is wrong to bully those who are small and weak.
.What is the message of the lesson , ' How the Squirrrel got his Stripes?