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Ch 9: Nisus and Euryalus

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dormio -ire -ivi -itum
to sleep; be asleep
dux, ducis (m)
castra, castrorum
camp (military)
cōnsilium, consiliī
plan, purpose, counsel, advice, judgment, wisdom
iuvenis, iuvenis (m)
young man, youth
venio, venire, veni, ventus (4)
to come
praeda, praedae (f)
booty, reward, prize, loot
rapiō, rapere, rapuī, raptum
seize, snatch, grab
somnus, -ī
exclamo, exclamare, exclamavi, exclamatum
to cry out, call out
ornamentum, ornamenti (n)
decoration, fancy clothing
galea, galeae
fugiō, fugere, fūgī, fugitūrum
to flee
splendor, splendoris (m)
brilliance, excellence; brightness, shine
before (adv)
super (+acc.)
above, over, upon; on top of