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be eloquent on the subject
be expressive, articulate, moving; be/wax***; a very *** speaker; ***about/on the subject
embezzle funds
*** money/funds; to steal money by falsifying records (to steal money that you are responsible for or that belongs to your employer)
feel empathy for
deep/great/genuine/human***; feel sensitivity to another's feelings, as if they were one's own; a feeling of***; a lack of ***; show/express/develop/have***
enmity towards
ill will, hatred, hostility; to incure/earn sb ***; long-lasting, age-old/bitter/undying ***
***person; learned; having or showing great knowledge that is gained from academic study; *** work, study, lecture
to praise, revere; ***benifit;virtue,quality
*** a lie; to make up, invent; *** the charge for political reasons
wild, savage; *** animal/grin
be flabbergasted by
adj. be extremely surprised; astounded; ***by/at the news
to give up or leave sthg entirely, renounce; ***me (abandon); ***acting for sthg (left)