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1. penetrating, very clear, sharp, direct; ***comment/commentary/critic/critiqueanalysis/observation 2. biting or sarcastic (remark);3.having a sharp cutting edge incisive teeth
formal: lazy (an *** young man) be ***and irresponsible
inept at
not suitable or capable, unqualified action or done with no skill; be/prove/seem ***; completely, intellectually,politically,hopelessly; He has used *** words (неуместный)
1 [noncount] : the condition of being known for having done bad things or for being evil - notoriety, extreme ill repute; a day of *** (very bad day); 2 [count] formal : an evil or terrible act — usua
1) to prevent, restrain, stop; 2 - ***sb (from sth/from doing sth) to make sb nervous or embarrassed so that they are unable to do sth; *** from doing sthg; tend to ***; significantly, directly
(of a quality, feeling, etc.) that you have when you are born - inborn, native, inherent; *** ability, capacity, talent, wisdom, sense, etc
incapable of being satisfied: ***appetite, curiosity, demand, thirst, etc
separated from other people or cultures : not knowing or interested in new or different ideas - separated and narrow-minded; tight-knit, closed off; an *** [=isolated] group ▪ the *** world of board
formal, often humorous: brave in the face of danger; ***hero; reporter,traveller
[usually before noun] (formal, often disapproving) 1 (of a person) always doing sth or enjoying sth, and unlikely to stop - ***gambler, liar; 2 (of a bad feeling or habit) done or felt for a long time