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(formal) the worst point; the lowest point of something ; (ant - zenith); the relationship reached a/its *** in
adj. very small; trifling, insignificant; ***charge/ clause/fee /head/rent /sum/value/wage -1 being sth in name only, and not in reality; 2 (of a sum of money) very small and much less than the normal
complete/toatal/political ***; ***at the sport/in politics; 1 a person who is new and has little experience in a skill, job or situation; 2a person who has joined a religious group and is preparing to
n. subtle aspect of an expression; a slight variation in meaning, tone, expression; fine/little/slight/subtle/social ***; appreciate/understand/apture ***
adj. not aware; lacking consciousness or awareness of smth; ***of/to sthg; ***to the fact that...; completely/ slightly/ almost/apparently ***; Make sb/ remain/be/become/ appear ***
excessively compliant or submissive; to be ** to smb; ***manner; assistant
adj. stupid, blunt; (formal, disapproving) slow or unwilling to understand sth; also ***angle (тупой)
a remedy for all ills and difficulties; it is no ***; to be a *** for the problems
a satirical imitation (writing, speech, etc - ***of/on; attack ideas through ***; clever; cruel; song ***); 2 - a bad example (sigh in a *** of deep emotion; a grotesque *** of herself)
a strong liking for something or a strong tendency to behave in a certain way — usually + for; a ***for asking stupid questions; ***for mathematics