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n. careful study, examination, review; a quick **of the menu; list for your ***; This book deserves careful ***
n. excess, an abundance; formal : a very large amount or number : an amount that is much greater than what is necessary; a *** of books; information; words
n. a preference or inclination for something; *** for expensive cars; for trouble; follow own ***s (do what you like/want
charmingly old-fashioned; *** cottage; custom; relic; inn
adj. not careful; hasty, incautious; (to do sth) (of people or their actions) doing sth that may not be sensible without first thinking about the possible results; done in this way; ***decision;promis
to restore, clean up; make improvement to sth like building; ***house (= renovate); ***ed computers
***contract; treaty; 1 to refuse to accept sth; 2 to say officially and/or publicly that sth is not true; 3(old-fashioned) to refuse to be connected with sb any longer
adj. in widespread occurrence; abundant; ***with sth - full of sth bad or unpleasant; Corruption was *** before the election
adj. relevant, to the point; significant, conspicuous; [only before noun] most important or noticeable; ***example; fact; characteristic; point; feature
n. happy coincidence; luck, finding good things without looking for them; serendipitous discovery; find each other by pure ***