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not lift a finger
to not help someone to do something, usually because you are lazy
have your hands full
to be busy or totally occupied with someone or something
burn the candle at both ends
To exhaust oneself or one's resources by leading a hectic or extravagant life.
on my feet
Standing up
at a loose end
with nothing to do
twiddle your thumbs
To do little or nothing
up to my eyes
Deeply involved or occupied fully
to be tied up
To keep occupied; engage
fit in
to give a place or time to
to be rushed off your feet
to be very busy
a steady job
constant, regular, or habitual job
in the pipeline
backed up somewhere in a process
a dead-end job
lacking opportunities for development or advancement job
A list of preferable items or candidates that have been selected for final consideration
rock the boat
To disturb the balance or routine of a situation
show someone the ropes
to explain to someone how to do a job or activity
stand the pace
to keep up with the speed or rate of others
land a job
to find a job and be hired
find your feet
to become familiar with and confident in a new situation
hold down a job
o fulfill the duties of (a job)
breathe down someone's neck
to represent an approaching deadline.
hand in notice
nform boss about planning to retire
take the minutes
keep official record of a meeting
field telephone calls
deal with all the calls one can handle himself and only putting the most urgent ones through to boss
on the go
Constantly busy or active
snowed under
overworked; exceptionally busy
slave away
to work very hard (doing something)
wriggle out of something
extricate yourself from, talk your way out of, worm your way out of
squeeze in
to be able to do something, even though you do not have much time
pile up
to increase something (пр. растет объем работы)
chase up
Ensure that someone remembers to do something