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Annoyance and frustration

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at the end of my tether
to be so tired, worried, or annoyed by something that you feel unable to deal with it any more (tether)
at my wits' end
to be very worried or upset because you have tried every possible way to solve a problem but cannot do it (wits)
getting on my nerves
to annoy someone, especially by doing something again and again (nerves)
get up my nose
to annoy (nose)
add insult to injury
to make a bad situation worse; to hurt the feelings of a person who has already been hurt
the last straw
The last of a series of annoyances or disappointments that leads one to a final loss of patience, temper, trust, or hope.
driving me round the bend
to make someone very angry, especially by continuing to do something annoying (bend)
driving me up the wall
to annoy or irritate someone (wall)
driving me to distraction
to make someone very angry or very bored (distraction)
I'm running out of patience
I'm losing patience
i'm going spare
I become angry, become upset, go mental (slang), become mad (informal)
I'm tearing my hair out
I'm extremely worried or agitated about something
kick myself
you will feel angry with yourself because you have done something stupid or missed an opportunity
talking to a brick wall
when the person you are speaking to does not listen
banging my head against a brick wall
to keep asking someone to do something which they never do
thunderous applause
бурные аплодисменты
richly deserved
полностью заслужено
warmly congratulate
сердечно поздравлять
rave review
very enthusiastic review
critical acclaim
enthusiastic words
give credit
to acknowledge and praise (someone for a good piece of work etc).
take full credit
to accept the praise given (for something).
a standing ovation
stand up to applaud
think the world of someone
esteem someone very highly
speak highly of someone
to say good things about someone or something
warmly approve
горячо одобрять
give your blessing
say you wish it well
a pat on the back
praise (pat)
a big clap
бурнфе аплодисменты (clap)
come in for criticism
To receive; be subjected to criticism
counter the criticism
criticise your critic back
dismiss the criticism
say the criticism is untrue or unimportant
harsh criticism
резкая критика
be sharply critical of smth
резко критиковать что либо
roundly criticised
thorougly criticised
outspoken critic
critic who says exactly what s/he thinks
strongly disapprove of smth
сильно не одобрять что-либо (disapprove)
severely condemn
сурово осуждать (condemn)
universal condemnation
повсеместное осуждение
be strenuously objected to
сильно возражать, with a lot of effort (objected to)