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Nik a les cheveux courts.
Nik has short hair.
Lisa a les cheveux longs.
Lisa has long hair.
Elle a les cheveux mi-longs.
She has medium-length hair.
Il a les cheveux raides.
He has straight hair.
Elle a les cheveux ondulés.
She has wavy hair.
Tina a les cheveux bouclés.
Tina has curly hair.
Maria a les cheveux couleur noisette.
Maria has brown hair
Peter a les cheveux noirs.
Peter has black hair.
Oli est blonde.
Oli has blond hair.
Rosi est rousse.
Rosi has red hair.
Il a les yeux marron.
He has brown eyes.
Elle a les yeux verts.
She has green eyes.
Il a les yeux bleus.
He has blue eyes.
Elle est mate de peau.
She is dark-skinned.
Il a le teint clair.
He is fair-skinned.
Elle est petite.
She is short.
Il est grand.
He is tall.
Elle est mince.
She is thin.
Il est gros.
He is fat.
Il est maigre.
He is skinny.
Elle est rapide.
She is fast.
Il est lent. .
He is slow
Elle est forte.
She is strong.
Elle est faible.
She is weak.
Elle est jolie.
She is pretty.
Il est beau.
He is handsome.
Il est mignon.
He is good-looking.
Elle est laide.
She is ugly.
Elle est amicale.
She is friendly.
Il est gentil.
He is nice.
Elle est calme.
She is quiet.
Elle est timide.
She is shy.
Il a de l‘humour.
He is humorous.
Elle est intelligente.
She is intelligent.
Il est patient.
He is patient.
Elle est paresseuse.
She is lazy.
Il est mal élevé.
He is bad-mannered.
Il est sérieux.
He is serious.
Il est agréable.
He is kind.
Elle travaille dur.
She is hard-working
Il est sophistiqué.
He is sophisticated
Elle est courageuse.
She is brave.
Il est marrant.
He is funny.
Elle est pauvre.
She is poor.
Elle est riche.
She is rich.