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Genetic Crosses and Disorders

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The combination of genes you inherit for a specific characteristic
The observable appearance of a characteristic
Type of allele: will result in the characteristic being expressed whether you have 1 or two copies of the allele
Type of allele: will only result in the characteristic being expressed if you have both copies of the allele
Sex cells
Two of the same alleles of a gene
Two different alleles of a gene
Cystic Fibrosis
A recessive disease
Sickle Cell Anaemia
A co-dominant disese
Cystic fibrosis cause
The body produces lots of thick sticky mucus which blocks the air passages, gut and pancreas
Sickle Cell Anaemia Cause
Red blood cells are sickle shaped and block capillaries
Cystic fibrosis symptoms
Breathing difficulties, lung infections, malnutrition, infertility
Sickle cell anaemia symptoms
Tiredness, painful joints and muscles, fever, anaemia, jaundice