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W (initial, consonantal)
W (medial or final)
W (as 3 pl. suffix pn. and plural indicator with nouns)
B (no distinction in usage)
B (some times ligatured)
P (generally early)
P (with space filler dot)
M (no distinction in usage)
N (often unwritten [preposition and genitive])
N (form when alone)
#2 R (prothetic i, prep. r, ⲉ)
#1 R (prothetic i, prep. r, ⲉ))
R (normal form)
L (often confused with r)
H (often confused ḥ)
ḥ (no distinction in usage)
ḥ (with space filler dot)
ḥ (in ḥnꜥ "and, with).
ḫ (ϩ or ϣ, ϧ or ϣ ,ⳉ)
ḫ (ϣ,ⳉ)
ẖ (above, or below other sign)
ẖ (normal form, ϩ,ϧ,ⳉ)
S (most common)
S (Names, Greek, Not initial)
S (under signs)
S (above signs)
S (3 fem sing suffix pronoun Singular dependent pronoun)
Š (more common)
Š (above or below other signs)
ḳ (no distinction in usage)
K (underline 2 masc. Singular suffix pronoun)
K (Old kꜣ, later text ḳ)
G (much confusion g, k, ḳ)
T (often historical d)
T (less frequent)
D (foreign words n+t > d)
ṯ (infinitives, pronominal nouns)
ṯ (Verb ṯ "to take" , phonetic)
ḏ (no distinction in usage)
ḏ (rare)
ḏ (Verb ḏ "to say")