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Lists, tables (description)

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list-style (desc)
A shorthand property for setting all of the properties for a list in one declaration
list-style-image (desc)
Sets an image as the list-item marker
list-style-position (desc)
Sets where the list-item marker is placed in the list
list-style-type (desc)
Sets the type of the list-item marker
border-collapse (desc)
Sets whether the table borders are collapsed into a single border or detached as in standard HTML
border-spacing (desc)
Sets the distance that separates cell borders (only for the “separated borders” model)
caption-side (desc)
Sets the position of the table caption
empty-cells (desc)
Sets whether or not to show empty cells in a table (only for the “separated borders” model)
table-layout (desc)
Sets the algorithm used to display the table cells, rows, and columns