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Paternal grandparents

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análí asdzą́ą́
paternal grandmother (non-possessive)
shinálí asdzą́ą́
(my) paternal grandmother
yá'át'ééh shinálí asdzą́ą́
hello (my) paternal grandmother
ahéhee' shinálí asdzą́ą́
thank you (my) paternal grandmother
hágoónee' shinálí asdzą́ą́
goodbye (my) paternal grandmother
análí hastiin
paternal grandfather (non-possessive)
shinálí hastiin
(my) paternal grandfather
yá’át’ééh shinálí hastiin
hello (my) paternal grandfather
ahéhee' shinálí hastiin
thank you (my) paternal grandfather
hágoónee' shinálí hastiin
goodbye (my) paternal grandfather