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kestää ikä ja terveys
To take a far too long time, or be of far too much effort. lit.: to take the time of one's age and health
keskellä ei-mitään
in the middle of nowhere
kiertää kuin kissa kuumaa puuroa
To constantly and obviously covet something without actually making a move to get it, or to try to approach a difficult topic of speech in a roundabout way. lit.: to circle like a cat circles hot porridge
kiven alla
Difficult to obtain. lit.: under a stone
koira haudattuna
An implication that there's something foul behind the scenes, the situation is not what it appears to be. lit.: a dog buried
konstit on monet (, sanoi akka, kun kisalla pöytää pyyhki)
There's more than one way to do something. lit.: the ways are many (said the woman while wiping the table with a cat)
korjata luunsa
To finally get around to leaving. lit.: to pick up one's bones
A place that is somewhere in an area with no interesting things surrounding it, to be "out in the sticks". lit.: in the backwoods; out in the sticks
kuin allit kalliolla
Left by oneself, without outside support. lit.: like long-tailed ducks on a cliff
kuin Euroopan / maailman omistaja
Acting excessively posh and snobby. lit.: like the owner of Europe/the world
kuin kaksi marjaa
Two people or things that seem extremely alike; two peas in a pod. lit.: like two berries.
kuin kala ilman polkupyörää
Perfectly well in its own right. lit.: like a fish without a bicycle
helppoa kuin lapsen lyöminen
Very, very easy. lit.: easy like beating a child.
kuin perseeseen ammuttu karhu
Being extremely cranky. lit.: like a bear that was shot in the ass.
kuin seipään niellyt
Standing unnaturally or needlessly upright. lit.: as if swallowed a spear
kuin sitruunan niellyt
Sulky or (easily) irritated. lit.: as if swallowed a lemon.
kuin tervan juontia
Extremely slow, difficult, or arduous. lit.: as if drinking tar.
kadota kuin pieru Saharaan
To sink without a trace. lit.: to disappear like a fart in the Sahara
hävitä kuin tuhka tuuleen
Another way to say to sink without a trace. lit.: to disappear like ash in the wind
kuin täi tervassa
Extremely slow. lit.: like a louse in tar
kuin viilipytty
Very calm. lit.: like a pot of sour milk.
Kuka kissan hännän nostaa ellei kissa itse?
To toot your own horn or boast about yourself. lit.: Who would raise a cat's tail, but the cat himself?
kukkona tunkiolla
Boasting of oneself with cheap merits, being "king of the hill" when said hill is for example a garbage pile. lit.: like a rooster on top of the garbage pile.
kusta hunajaa
Extremely happy & satisfied. lit.: pissing honey
kääntää kelkkansa
To do an aboutface/turnabout. lit.: to turn one's sled.