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TO KNOW (Present/Future/Aorist)

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მე ვიცი
I know (with pronoun)
შენ იცი
you (sg.) know (with pronoun)
მან იცის
he/she knows (with pronoun)
ჩვენ ვიცით
we know (with pronoun)
თქვენ იცით
you (pl.) know (with pronoun)
მათ იციან
they know (with pronoun)
მე მეცოდინება
I will know (with pronoun)
შენ გეცოდინება
you (sg.) will know (with pronoun)
მას ეცოდინება
he/she will know (with pronoun)
ჩვენ გვეცოდინება
we will know (with pronoun)
თქვენ გეცოდინებათ
you (pl.) will know (with pronoun)
მათ ეცოდინებათ
they will know (with pronoun)
მე ვიცოდი
I knew (with pronoun)
შენ იცოდი
you (sg.) knew (with pronoun)
მან იცოდა
he/she knew (with pronoun)
ჩვენ ვიცოდით
we knew (with pronoun)
თქვენ იცოდით
you (pl.) knew (with pronoun)
მათ იცოდნენ
they knew (with pronoun)