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Georgian idioms/expressions, part 1

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ყურების ჩამოყრა
to become upset after hearing sad news (lit. to drop one's ears) [2 words]
კენჭს იყრის
said about a person running for local elections or a seat in any administrative position that requires individual votes (lit. to pour pebbles on yourself) [2 words]
ქალაქში საცობია
there's a traffic jam in the city (lit. there's a cork in the city) [2 words]
ენა დაება
tongue-tied [2 words]
თავი გადადო
complete focus on a task, not allowing distractions (lit. putting away one's head) [2 words]
ენის მიტანა
describes a snitch (lit. bringing your tongue to someone) [2 words]
ბედში ჩავარდა
having luck (lit. to fall into a fate) [2 words]
თვალი დაადგა
equivalent to "having your eye on something/someone" (lit. putting an eye on something/someone) [2 words]
როცა კბილები ექნებათ ბაყაყებს
equivalent of "when pigs fly" (lit. when frogs will have teeth)
ვირივით მშრომობს
equivalent of "he's working like a dog" (lit. he's working like a donkey)