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азъ знаѭ вьсь
I know everything
Добрѣ прити
Моѥ имѧ Свѧтъко ѥстъ.
My name is Svetko.
Родово имѧ ми Чернев ѥстъ.
My family name is Chernev.
Аꙁъ ѥсмь чловѣкъ.
I am a human.
Аꙁъ книги пишѫ́.
I write books.
мъі ѥсмъ чловѣци.
We are humans.
Азъ глаголѭ словѣньскꙑ ѩꙁꙑкъ.
I speak Slavic language.
Азъ глаголѭ словѣньскꙑ ꙃѣло ꙁълѣ.
I speak Slavic very bad.
Словѣньскыи ѩзыкъ вельми люблѭ.
I very like Slavic language.
Аꙁъ искѫ да би вѧще людиѥ сь ѩзыкъ знало.
I wish more people to know this language.
съгласьнъ ѥсмь
I agree
сѥ ѥстъ мѣсто
Here is the place
Аꙁъ рабъ ѥсмь.
I am a slave.
Аꙁъ хождѫ пѫтьмь.
I walk on path.