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Dii fertebehtet boahtit áiggil.
You(pl) have to come in time.
Soai leaba juo boradan.
They(d) have already eaten.
Máret lea leamaš olgoriikkas.
Máret has been abroad.
Mun in boađe ihttin, ja lean gullan ahte earátge eai boađe.
I'm not coming tomorrow, and I've heard that others are not coming either.
Mii eat leat olgoriikkas.
We(pl) are not overseas.
Doai eahppi lean olgoriikkas diibmá.
You(d) were not overseas last year.
Mun ledjen oađđime, go telefovdna riŋgii.
I was sleeping when the phone rang.
Uvnna duohken orru sáhpánat eai addán ráfi.
The mice living behind the oven didn't give us any peace.
Son gilddii mu dan muitaleames.
He prohibited me from saying that.
Ohppen ollu barggadettiin áššiin.
I learned a lot while working on the matter.
Son bođii čuoigga skuvlii.
She came to school on skiis.
Son doamai borakeahttá gávpogii.
He hurried into town without eating.
Son bođii girjjiid vieččažit.
She came into order to get the books.
Ferten gárvodit bures aman galbmot jámas.
I have to dress warm so that I do not freeze to death.
Moai juhke gáfe.
We(d) drink coffee.
Mánát lohket girjji.
Children read the book.
Ovllá osttii viesu.
Ovlla bought the house.
Elle vuvddii biilla.
Elle sold a car.
Reaŋga válddii mávssu.
The farmhand took the payment.