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Dieinna mašiinnain lei álki goarrut.
It was easy to sew with the machine you have there.
Duon máná biktasat leat visot njuoskan.
That child's clothes have gotten all wet.
Dáidda beatnagiidda attán dávttiid.
I give these dogs bones.
Dán mánás lea bátnevárka
This child has a tooth ache.
Duon hildui borddán girjjiid.
I'll stack the books on the shelf over there.
Dáiguin/Dáid mašiinnaiguin lea álki goarrut.
These machines are easy to sew with.
Gii dál boahtá?
Who is coming now?
Son gii boahtá maŋŋit, ii oaččo čohkkánsaji.
He who comes late will not find a seat.
Geat dohko bohtet?
Who(pl) will be coming there?
Váldde girjji mii lea bajimus hildus.
Take the book that is on the top shelf.
Sabehat mat ceaggájedje seainni vuostá, leat jávkan.
The skiis that were standing against the wall have disappeared.
Duo čohkká nieida, gii golli vuittii.
Over there we have the girl who won the gold.
Dovddat go sin, geat nuppi dálus orrot?
Do you know the people, who live in the other house?
Máid don áiggut?
What do you want to do/have?
Man don siđat, dán, duon vai dien?
Which one do you want? This, that over there or the one you have?
Vižžen mutuvrra, man Niillas lei divvon.
I went and got the motor which Niillas had fixed.
In muitte maid don dadjet eske.
I don't remember what you just said.
Lohken čállosiid, maid oahppit ledje čállán.
I read the texts, that the students had written.
Do viehká nieida, gean lohket vuoitán.
The girl that they say won, is running way over there.
Duo vázzet sii, geaid deiven Oulus.
There go the guys that I met in Oulu.
Mun vieččan dan reaga, goappá don guođát.
I'll go/come and get the sled that you two leave behind.