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Gal mun ieš čálán.
Well, I'll write it myself.
Gal doai ieža čállibeahtti.
Well, you(d) will write it yourselves.
Gal sii ieža čállet.
Well, they(pl) will write it themselves.
Don lávet iežat láitit.
You(sg) usually criticize yourself.
Mii leat iežamet govven.
We have taken a picture of ourselves(pl).
Soai rámpoba iežaska.
They praise themselves(pl).
Mun buvttán iežan girjji.
I will bring my own book.
Doai viežžabeahtti iežade reaga.
The two of you will go and get your own sled.
Sii hupmet iežaset ságaid.
They(pl) are talking about their own things.
Ean fuola su iežame mielde.
We don't want to have her come with us(d).
Son dahká alccesis/alcces bárttiid.
He makes problems for himself.
Moai oste alcceseame/alcceme ođđa biilla.
We(d) will buy ourselves a new car.
Doai rabaide alcceseatte/alccede konttu báŋkkus.
The two of you opened yourselves an account at the bank..
Itgo oainne alddát sivaid?
Don't you see your own shortcomings?
Soai leaba alddiska/alddiineaskka viežžan ruđaid.
They(d) have gone and taken money from home.
Mis lea alddámet/alddiineamet biila.
We have a car of our own.
Son lávllodii iežainis.
She sang by herself.
Soai leaba iežaineaskka jurddašan ahte dál ii gánnát biilla oastit.
They(d) have come to the conclusion that it isn't worth it to buy a car now.