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Mii oaččuimet guhtet guoimmisteamet/guimmiineamet liđiid.
We received flowers from one another.
Sii gulle ságaid nuppit nuppiin.
They heard the news from each other.
Soai čeargguiga goabbat guimmiineaskka.
They(d) yelled at each other.
Sii čergo nuppit nuppiiguin.
They(pl) yelled at each other.
Sii čergo guhtet guimmiineaset/guimmiideasetguin.
They(pl) yelled at each other.
Soai dahkaluttaiga nubbi nubbin.
They(d) pretended to be each other.
Máret muitalii ságaid buohkaide.
Maret told the news to all of them.
Buohkat barge leavssuid.
All of them did the assignments.
Máret muitalii ságaid juohkehažžii, gii gillii gullat.
Maret told the news to everyone who could stand to listen.
Ollugat leat suorganan.
A lot of them are frightened.
Dáhpáhus váikkuhii eatnagiidda.
The event affected many of them.
Eatnasiin/Eanas lea golgodávda.
Most of the people have the flu.
Elle biehku juohke duššiin.
Elle whimpers about every little thing.
Albert lea borran buot.
Albert has eaten everything.
Mus leat unnán biktasat.
I have few clothes.
Mánás lea veaháš nuorvu.
The child has a slight cold.
Mun in leat ožžon ovttage olbmos vástádusa.
I haven't received an answer from a single person.