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Moai ean leat lohpidan goappáge bargái eambbo bálkká.
We(d) have not made promises of higher wages to either of the workers.
Ii oktage olmmoš boahtán čoahkkimii.
Not a single person came to the meeting.
Mis eai leat makkárge heađit.
We don't have any kind of problem.
Mun in oaidnán ovttage.
I didn't see a single person.
Son ii fuola ovttaidge sabehiid.
She won't have any of the skiis.
Ii guđesge lean niesti mielde.
No one has provisions with them.
Makkára don siđat?
What kind do you want?
In duđa makkáriige.
I'm not satisfied with just anything.
In fuola makkárage.
I won't have just anything.
Moai ean muital maidege/maide geasage.
We(d) don't tell anything to anybody.
Piera ii bala mastege/masge.
Piera isn't afraid of anything.
Seahkas ii leat mihkkege/mihkke.
There isn't anything in the bag.
Mun oasttán vaikko makkár herskuid.
I'll buy just about any kind of goodies.
Son náitala vaikko goappáin oappáin.
He'll marry either one of the sisters.
Son buđalda vaikko mainna.
She'll fiddle around with almost anything.
Son lea geasa nu muitalan ságaid.
She has told the news to someone or another.
Sii leat feara geas bivdán veahki.
They have been asking for help from just about anybody.
Elle gal jáhkká vaikko geasa.
Elle trusts just about anybody.