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Mun sáddejin reivve muhtun kantuvrii.
I sent the letter to some office.
Elle humai soames dievdduin.
Elle spoke with some man.
Oahppit gávdne dieđuid eará girjjiin.
The students found information in other books.
Iigo dát dohkkešii juoga masa?
Isn't this good for something?
Lean earáin gullan ságaid.
I've heard news from the others.
Ánne lea soapmásii suhttan.
Anne is mad at somebody.
Oahpaheaddji lea dušše muhtumiidda juohkán doarjjaárkkaid.
The teacher has only passed out support sheets to some [of the students]
Gealláris gullo juoga.
You can hear something in the cellar.
Gulan juoidá gealláris.
I heard something in the cellar.
Mánát leat juosat dolvon biilačoavdagiid.
The children have taken the car keys somewhere.
Máhtte lea juostá leamaš, gos liikui bures.
Mahtte has been somewhere, where he enjoyed himself.
Ii mihkkege nu heittot, ahte juonin ii leat buorre.
There is nothing so bad that it's not good for something.