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vuosttaš, nubbi, goalmmát
first, second, third
guovttis, golmmas, njealjis
two people, three people, four people
Mun bohten goalmmádin.
I came in third place.
Mun válddán goalmmáda.
I'll take the third one.
Mun válddán goalmmát vuoru
I'll take the third watch.
Mun vuorddán goalmmát beaivái.
I'll wait until the third day.
Mun válddán golbma vuoru.
I'll take three watches.
Mun attán liđiid golmma olbmui.
I'll give flowers to three people.
Golma bohte ruoktot.
Three came home.
Čieža lea stuorát go guhtta.
Seven is larger than six.
Mun oainnán logi.
I see ten.
Soai váldiba vihtta.
They take five.
Mun válddán ovtta.
I take one.
Die lea golmma sadji.
This is the three's position.
Boađán maŋŋil guovtti.
I come after two.
Fertet vuolgit ovdal golmma.
We must go before three.
Olbmot ledje boahtán čuđiid mielde
Hundreds of people had come.