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Go joavddán čuohtái, de heaittán lohkamis
When I come to hundred, I stop counting.
Mun jávkkan guovttis guđa rádjái.
I will be away between around two and five.
Elle dajai ahte boahtá viđas.
Elle said that she comes around five.
Ii miljovnnain oastte viesu dán áigge.
You cannot buy a house even with a million these days.
Miljovnnaiguin gal baicca boađášii viessu.
With several millions you might get a house.
Mun gádden supmi miljovdnan, muhto ii leange eambbo go moadde duhát
I thought the sum was a million, but it turned out to be no more than a couple of thousand.
Mus leat njeallje ovcceža.
I have four nines.
Lean golbmii leamaš olgoriikkas.
I have been abroad three times.
Son lea guktii dán kurssa váldán.
He has taken this course twice.
Ledjen njelljii doaktára luhtte ovdal go dearvvašnuvven.
I went to the doctor four times before I got well.
Mus lea okta beana.
I have one dog.
Mus lea golbma beatnaga.
I have three dogs.
Dáppe leat odne golmmat heajat.
There are three weddings here today.
Mun čálán guokte reivve.
I write two letters.