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Mii álgit ovttatmano.
We'll get started immediately.
Manne don ovtto biegut?
How come you're always complaining?
Boađe sisa dakkaviđe!
Come in right now!
Lean duollet dálle bargan teáhteris.
I've worked at the theater off and on.
Leat go ain suhtus?
Are you still angry?
Mun lean juo geargan.
I'm already finished.
Leat go don goassege leamaš Ruoššas?
Have you ever been to Russia?
Goas don fas boađát?
When are you going to come next time?
Dasto ferten eará čovdosa gávdnat.
In that case I'll have to find a different solution.
Leat go du buvssat vuot duolvan?
Have you gotten your pants dirty again?
Soai olliiga mollii oktanaga.
They reached the finish line at the same time.
Álggos mun in ipmirdan maidege.
At first I didn't understand anything.
Loahpas mii vuolláneimmet.
In the end we gave up.
Maŋážassii son ollii muhtun stobu lusa.
Finally he came to a cabin.
Dađistaga mii hárjáneimmet buollašii.
Gradually we got used to the freezing weather.
Mun lean barggus gitta bearjadahkii.
I'm at work all the way until Friday.