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In leat goassege meara oaidnán.
I've never seen the sea.
Son ii leat goassege duhtavaš.
He's never satisfied.
Moai ean vuollán goassege.
The two of us never give up.
Mun čálán ná.
I write like this.
Movt duinna manná?
How are things with you?
Movt don mátkkoštat Romsii?
How do you travel to Tromso?
Sárá buohccái 'áhkka.
Sara suddenly fell ill.
Fáhkkestaga iđistii golleloddi.
All of a sudden a gold bird appeared.
Ale čále nu summal.
Don't write so sloppy.
Oahpaheaddji lei summal válljen vehkiid.
The teacher had chosen helpers at random.
Mun boađán okto.
I'm coming alone.
Uksa lea gitta.
The door is closed.
Oarra lea reagas gitta.
The rope is tied to the sleigh.
Bohtosat leat buorit.
The results are good.
Don leat bargan bures.
You've done a good job.
Dus lea čáppa čála.
You have nice handwriting.
Don čálát čábbát.
You write nicely.
Ánte lea njoahci, son bargá njoazit/njozet..
Ante is slow, he works slowly.
Dus lea vuogas čilgehus.
You have a clear explanation.
Don čilget vuohkkasit.
You explain things in a clear manner.