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Dus lea čábbát čála go mus.
You have nicer handwriting than I do.
Don čálát čábbábut go mun.
You write more nicely than I do.
Ánte lea jođáneamos, son bargá jođánepmosit.
Ante is the quickest, he works the most quickly.
Eadni lea hui váibbas.
Mom is extremely tired.
Morten lea oalle váibbas.
Morten is quite tired.
Mun lean menddo váibbas.
I am rather tired.
Elle lea oba váibbas.
Elle is rather tired.
Manne leat deike boahtán?
Why did you come here?
Danne mii leat maŋŋonan.
That is why we are late.
Leat go áibbas gáigi?
Are you totally mad?
Dan gal lean oalát vajálduhttán.
I had totally forgotten that.
Diesa mun gal ille jáhkán.
Now that is something I hardly believe.
Odne gal in báljo astta.
Today I don't have much time.
Mun lean veahá beahtahallan.
I'm a little disappointed.
Moai measta vulge dohko.
The two of us were just about to go there.
In gille šat diggot.
I don't feel like quarreling anymore.
Mánát eai jeagadan su obanasiige.
The children didn't obey him at all.
Don dulkot buot aivve bahá guvlui.
You only give everything a negative interpretation.
Mus leat dušše guokte máná.
I only have two children.
Muital juste movt dat lei!
Tell us exactly how it was!