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Eat dáidde ovdal juovllaid gal fárret.
We probably won't be moving before Christmas.
Sii eai astta fárret juovllaid ovdal.
They don't have time to move just before Christmas.
Háliidan diehtit movt sudnuin manai dáhpáhusa maŋŋel/maŋŋá.
I would like to know how things went for them just after the event.
Eadneolmmoš muitala morraša birra logi jagi maŋŋel/maŋŋá dáhpáhusa.
A mother tells of the mournful event ten years after it happened.
Mun berren geargat čuovgga bále muorragurpmiin dáluid lusa.
I ought to get to the houses with a load of wood while it is still light out
Ferten gávppis finihit dan bále go lea mánnábiigá.
I have to go to the store while I have a baby sitter.
Son jugaskii gaskan bargguid.
He started drinking right in the middle things when there was still work to be done.
Báhppa lea badjel čieža jagi orron Leavnnjas.
The minister has been living in Lakselv for over seven years.
Heandarat orru mearragáttis birra jagi.
Heandarat lives on the coast all year round.
Áiggiid čađa rievddai servodat bivdoservodagas otná ruhtaservodahkii.
With time society changed from hunting oriented to one with a monetary base.
Mus lea oahpahus gaskkal ovtta ja golmma.
I have instruction between one and three.
Mánná oađđá gasku beaivvi.
The child sleeps in the middle of the day.