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Vahku geahčái galggan gápmagiid goarrut.
Before the week is out, I have to be finished sewing the broques.
Vahku geahčen galggan gápmagiid goarrut.
In a week I have to sew the brogues.
Goarrugoađán fas vahku geažes.
I'll start sewing again in a week.
Uhcimus mánáid atne miehtá dálvvi assás biktasiid siste.
The smallest children are dressed in thick clothing throughout the winter.
Girjerájus rahppojuvvo diibmu ovccis ja lea rabas gitta čieža rádjái eahkes.
The library opens at nine o'clock and is open till seven in the evening.
Joavku čuojahii ovttas 1978 rájes gitta 1983 rádjái.
The group performed together all the way from 1978 till 1983.
Dán áigge ii birge ruđa haga šat.
Nowadays you can't get along without money anymore.
Skuvllas lea sámegiela dáfus hirbmat stuora ovddasvástádus.
The school bears a great responsibility when it comes to the Saami language.
Muhto nuppe dáfus váilot sámegielat oahpaheaddjit.
But on the other hand, there is a shortage of Saami speaking teachers.
Ovddit Sámedikki ektui lea dálá Sámedikkis buoret sámegielgeavaheapmi.
Compared with the Sameting of former times, the Sameting of today has a better command of the Saami language.
Min bellodagas lea čielga politihkalaš oaidnu sámi rivttiid hárrái.
Our party has a clear political view concerning Saami rights.
Huksenbargguid dihte son lei šaddan bargat guhkes beivviid.
Due to construction work, he has had to work long hours.
Sus leat ollu golut, ovdamearkka dihte viessoloatna ja biilaloatna.
She has plenty of expenses, there is a house loan and a car loan, for instance.
Son logai iežas šaddan eallinagi gillát duon dáhpáhusa geažil..
He said he had suffered all his life because of that event.
Son lei ferten váldit loana maiddái biilla oastima várás.
He had been compelled to take out a loan to buy himself a car, as well.
Olbmot ráhkkanedje geasi várás.
People got ready for summer.
Eatnamat leat várrejuvvon eanandoalu váste.
The lands have been reserved for agriculture.
Seamma vahkkoloahpa leat maiddái eahketkonsearttat buohkaid váste geat dain beroštit.
The same weekend, there are also evening concerts for everyone who is interested.
Ii sáhte márkanságaid vuođul bargat áššiiguin.
You can't deal with matters on the basis of village hearsay.