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Soai álgiba skuvlii.
They(d) will start school.
Lottit leat girdilan.
The birds have flown away.
Okta loddi ii leat girdilan.
One bird didn't fly away.
Moai letne čállime.
We(d) were writing.
Mun oidnen sudno.
I saw them(d).
Moai letne hukseme viesu.
We(d) were building a house.
Mun čoggen daid ruoksadiid.
I picked those red ones.
Soai válddiiga ovtta.
They(d) took one.
Skuvllas mii oahppat lohkat ja čállit.
At school we learn to read and write.
Mun oidnen ahte mánná gahčai.
I saw the child falling.
Máret lea oahpaheaddji.
Maret is a teacher.
Máret šattai oahpaheaddjin.
Maret became a teacher.
Moai letne lihkolaččat.
We(d) are happy.
Sii leat kveanat.
They are Kvens.
Sii gohčoduvvojit kveanan.
They are called Kvens.
Biila lea divrras.
The car is expensive.
Biillat leat divrasat.
The cars are expensive.
Mun gohčodan Iŋggá muoŧŧán.
I call Iŋgá aunt.
Soai máliiga viesu vielgadin.
They(d) painted the house white.
Soai leaba skuvllas.
They(d) are at school.
Sii murjejit čakčat.
They(pl) pick berries in the autumn.
Stállu jávkkai vári duohkái.
The troll disappeared over the fell.
Go áhčči lei nuorra, de son barggai bohccuiguin.
When dad was young, he worked with reindeer.