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Bohccot leat váris.
The reindeer are on the mountain.
Loddi girdá almmis.
The bird flies in the sky.
Lásse báhčá bissuin.
Lasse shoots a gun (with a gun)
Jussá lohká girjji.
Jussa reads a book.
Čáhci lea galmmas.
The water is cold.
Su namma lea Hanne.
Her name is Hanne.
Son lea girjegávppis.
He is at the book shop.
Sii ožžo bussá.
They get a cat.
Morten sihkkelastá skuvlii.
Morten bikes to school.
Muoŧŧá manná návehii.
The aunt goes to the cowshed.
Guovža manná vuovdái.
The bear goes to the forest.
Heaika veallá lávus.
Heaika lies in the lavvu.
Áhkku veallá seaŋggas.
Grandma lies in bed.
Morten lea skuvllas.
Morten is at school.
Várri lea allat.
The mountain is high.