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Spábbá lea jorbbas.
The ball is round.
Guive velohallá lávus.
Guive lies and stretches in the lavvu.
Lea go dus oabbá?
Do you have a sister?
Čorus lea Sárá lávvu.
On the knoll is Sara's lavvu.
Mii leat čeahpit.
We're fine.
Sii vázzet Gohpi mánáidskuvlla.
They go to Gohpi's primary school.
Lea go son Sire loddi?
Is it Sire's bird?
Mii máná namma lea?
What is the child's name?
Piera oaidná riebana.
Per sees a fox.
Iŋgá borrá joŋaid.
Inga eats lingonberry.
Son ballá go oaidná sáhpána.
She is scared when she sees the mouse.
Mus lea mugga.
I have a mug.
Mii orrut ruskes viesus.
We live in a red house.
Don njuođat gova.
You paint a picture.