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Sárás lea čuvla.
Sara has a dress.
Dollá jáddá.
The fire is extinguished/put out.
Sunná gállá jogas.
Sunna bathes in the river.
Vuolgu olggos stoahkat!
Let's go play outside!
Goađis borggista suovva.
Smoke fumes in the goahti.
Ránne manná sisá.
Ranne goes inside.
Son fuopmá ealgga ja áigu báhčit.
He discovers the moose and is going to shoot.
Ovllás lea šiega unna oappáš.
Ovlla has a nice little sister.
Mun in boađe ruovttus.
I don't come home.
Geađgi lea garas.
The stone is hard.
Mun boran joŋaid.
I eat lingonberries.