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Áhkku gilvá rásiid.
Grandma plants the flower.
Sara ja Lasse orrot Gohpis.
Sara and Lasse live in Gohpi.
Elle ja Morten áigot márkanii.
Elle and Morten are going to go to the market.
Májjá lávlu.
Majja sings.
Gii dont leat?
Who are you?
Lásse ballá bussás.
Lasse is scared of the cat.
Lea unni loddi.
It's a small bird.
Skálžu lea fiervvás.
The skull is in the water ebb.
Biret láibu láibbi.
Biret bakes bread.
Hánsa hállá.
Hansa talks.
Mii orrut Norggas.
We live in Norway.
Dolas lea suovva.
There is smoke from the fire.